Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Se voló

I thought I would share with you the most recent Spanish phrase I picked up this week. I was rock climbing with a few Argentinian lads  After skiing in the morning we were rock climbing in shorts and T-shirts, which is why I love the spring, but that is a story for my other blog. Anyway, at one point I fell off near the top of the cliff and the lad holding the rope was not using the gri-gri as well as he could have been so I ended up falling a long way before the rope stopped me. One of the other lads then said "se voló", meaning "he flew", using the reflexive form of the verb 'volar' (to fly).

This probably is not a phrase that comes up that often, at least in this context, but 'volar' is a reasonably common verb. It also several more idiomatic uses, some quite region specific, so "se voló" can also mean "he stole" or "it blew off". Usually the context will make the meaning clear.

Note that if you wanted to say 'to fly' in the sense of controlling an aircraft, you would use the verb 'pilotar' instead of 'volar'

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