Thursday, 7 April 2011

My First New Word in Spanish - Mañana

As I said yesterday, when I arrived in Andorra I knew practically no Spanish. I began to hear certain words and phrases quite frequently though, and the first I remember hearing was "mañana", meaning "tomorrow". The letter ñ is pronounced like ny by the way so mañana is roughly pronounced manyana.

To work in Andorra we have to have a work permit which can take a fortnight or more to obtain and entails a paper chase around the country plus - the first year at least - a medical examination. When I arrived here for the first time and began the paperwork I soon got used to being told "mañana", as in "come back tomorrow" at various offices and desks connected to the immigration process. I did get the tarjeta verde (green card) shown to the right just in time to start work for the Christmas holidays though.

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