Monday, 18 April 2011

Conjugation of the week - 2. Andar - To walk (regular -ar verb)

This week we have a regular -ar verb, which means the endings are the same as for any other regular -ar verb. More on that tomorrow. Note that whilst in Spain, 'andar' usually means 'to walk' in Latin America it can often mean 'to go'. For more on conjugating verbs, see last week's post.

Andar - To walk

yo ando = I walk
tu andas = you walk (sing. fam.)
el/ella anda = he/she walks
usted anda = you walk (sing. formal)
nosotros andamos = we walk
vosotros andáis = you walk (plural fam. in Spain)
ellos/ellas andan = they walk
ustedes andan = you walk (plural formal, and plural in Latin America)

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