Thursday, 23 May 2013

Translating Headlines - Translation Practice

One of the best ways to improve your Spanish is obviously to practise it, and that goes for reading as well as speaking. Reading whole books, magazine articles or newspaper columns can be daunting to start with, so a good place to start is with bite-sized chunks of text like newspaper headlines. Here are a few examples to try and translate. I'll post the English version tomorrow so you can check your answers against mine. The headlines link back to the original websites if you want to see them in context.

From El Pais -

La policía británica tenía fichados a los autores del atentado de Londres

Un bebé se salva con una prótesis creada con una impresora 3D

Los disturbios se extienden en Suecia por cuarto día consecutivo




David Cameron: "Es una traición al Reino Unido y al Islam"

Muere a los 79 años el cantante y compositor francés Georges Moustaki


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