Saturday, 25 May 2013

Translating Headlines - Answers

These are my translations for the headlines I gave in yesterday's post. Obviously there are many ways to translate these, and in some cases I used a knowledge of the context to choose the most appropriate word - e.g. songwriter rather than composer in the last example.

From El Pais -

The British police had records on the perpetrators of the assault in London
The perpetrators of the attacks in  London had police records

Un bebé se salva con una prótesis creada con una impresora 3D
A baby was saved with a prosthesis created with a 3D printer

Los disturbios se extienden en Suecia por cuarto día consecutivo
 The disturbances in Sweden have continued for a fourth successive day

David Cameron: "It is a betrayal of the United Kingdom and of Islam"
 The French singer and songwriter Georges Moustaki has died at the age of 79

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