Friday, 22 July 2011

The weather

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Sitting and watching torrents of rain beating against the windows, it seems a good time to get out the dictionary and revise some weather words. Like in English there are nouns (the rain) and verbs (to rain / it is raining). In English we also use a lot of adjectives to describe the weather - 'it is cold / hot / windy', whereas in Spanish nouns are also used for these. It is like saying 'there is wind' or 'it makes heat today'.


la lluvia = the rain
llover = to rain
llueva = it rains / it is raining
está lloviendo = it is raining (right now)
va a llover = it is going to rain
lloverá = it will rain
llovió = it rained
ha llovido = it has rained
llovía = it was raining


la nieve = the snow
nevar = to snow
nieva = it snows
esta nevando = it is snowing (right now)
va a neva = it is going to snow


el viento = the wind
hace viento = it is windy (lit. it makes wind)


hace calor = it is hot (it makes heat)
hace frío = it is cold (it makes cold)


el sol = the sun
hace sol = it is sunny (it makes sun)
soleado =sunny


los nubes = the clouds
nublado = cloudy
la niebla = the mist

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